Best Eye Creams for Women over 40


Get Rid of Dark Circles, Fine Lines & Bags Under Your Eyes for good.

Overall aging, genetics, allergies, poor sleep, and dehydration all contribute to the development of dark circles under the eyes. Oversleeping, excessive tiredness, or simply staying up hours beyond normal bedtimes can all contribute to the formation of dark circles under your eyes. Predispositions to other health conditions – like thyroid disease – may also lead to dark circles below the eyes.

While some people might have predispositions toward dark circles, behaviors may also contribute to turning the area beneath your eyes dark. Dark circles under your eyes may occur when you are tired or have allergies, and some people are more susceptible than others.

The area below your eyes may look darker because blood vessels are constricted, which causes hyperpigmentation, or because your skin around your eyes is thinner. As this happens, the darker blood vessels beneath the skin are visible, making the area below your eyes darker. Because the skin is thinner in this area, pooled blood may cause it to appear darker. Sleep deprivation may make your skin appear dull and pale, which allows darker tissues and blood vessels under the skin to appear.

Excessive rubbing also causes broken blood vessels underneath the skin, resulting in the appearance of dark spots; because skin is so thin around your eyes, the ones underneath broken blood vessels are most obvious, Dr. Devika Iccrewala agrees.

The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and weak, and the darkness that you see below your eyes could actually be the low-oxygen blood that is circulating around the area.

Putting a cold compress over your eyes may help to constrict blood vessels, which causes the dark circles. Poor facial circulation around your eyes may contribute to dark circles. Smoking tobacco limits blood flow, leading to overly pale skin appearance, as well as accentuating the dark circles under your eyes.

There are creams that help substantially reduce and in some cases eliminate these problems around the eyes.

1. BIOLUMA Eye Lift Treatment

This cream has been revered by many dermatologists to be one of the best creams for treating the delicate skin around the eyes. It improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture and then nourishes the skin with nutrients. So the nutrients get absorbed in easier than other creams. This results in healthier skin with lesser lines and wrinkles, removes bags under the eyes and completely eliminates dark circles.

This cream is hypoallergenic, and is safe to apply to the sensitive skin under the eyes. It is manufactured with natural ingredients in the US in a GMP & FDA compliant facility. Users have reported to see start feeling and seeing results in a couple of weeks. Although, the company states it takes 30 days to see results. 

They offer a Money Back Guarantee – something no other company offers for this type of solution.

It’s the best choice for an all-rounded under-eye treatment.

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Reg Price: 69

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2. Kanebo Sensai Ultimate The Eye Cream

This one is on the pricey side. However, it is one of best rated. It contains Sakura Eternal Complex – their proprietary blend which energizes the skin.

It targets fine lines and dryness around the eyes and is also manufactured in USA.

This one almost never has any discounts or sales.

Regular Price: $349

3. NAVA MD Revitalizing Eye Cream

NAVA MD Skincare – in known for their quality products. This cream targets crows feet around the eyes, moisturizes the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Discount Price: $130

Smoking causes collagen loss, making already-thin skin beneath your eyes thinner. Skin may also get paler when pregnant and during periods (due to lack of iron), making your veins underneath your eyes appear more prominent. Any condition that causes itching in the eyes may contribute to the development of dark circles from the rubs or scratches on the skin around them. While it may be a reason, there are other causes of darker under-eye circles, like allergies or natural aging. While dark under eye circles are not inherently dangerous, they may be indicative of medical problems elsewhere in your body, or may give you a look of tiredness or advancing age.

Dark under eye circles are made so visible because lower lid skin is one of the thinner areas of skin on the body, allowing for emphasized under-dermal features. Also, the loss of volume — fat and collagen — below the eyes (which happens naturally with age) is a major contributing factor to dark circles, leading to a hollow appearance and thinner skin that may increase the appearance.

Dermatologists agree that dehydration and anemia negatively affect under-eye skin and contribute to dark circles. A lack of nutrients from your diet, or lack of balanced eating, may be contributing to the discoloration of your skin beneath your eyes.

Eating certain processed foods may boost oxidative stress, which may cause inflammation, including within your Under-Eye Area. Common allergic reactions, such as hay fever, can lead to inflammation and swelling of your eye region. People with inflammatory skin conditions on their faces, such as psoriasis or eczema, can also experience dark circles under their eyes, Lipner said, for several reasons. Noninvasive skin-tightening procedures, such as thermage or Ultherapy, are also used to address dark circles under the eyes and give natural lifting, Dr. Heidi Waldorf noted, before dark circles get bad.

Laser treatments can be used to brighten skin below the eyes and decrease the appearance of fine lines, which can contribute to the dark circles. Some of these treatments include chemical peels, which help lighten skin, microneedling, which stimulates the production of collagen, laser treatments, such as Fraxel, which can help to restore the thin, wrinkly skin beneath your eyes, and dermal fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, which can help to fill hollows and fine lines around your eyes. As with plumping, getting plenty of sleep and eating a good diet can help to lessen the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

While you might not be able to change the root causes behind dark circles, there are plenty of things you can do to brighten up these shadows and make your face appear fresher and revitalized. Sunglasses and caps can keep the skin safe from sun damage and keep those dark undereye circles from getting worse. Fawn-toned concealers will cover up brown or yellowish circles, yellow-toned concealers will cover blueish circles, and a red under-eye circle is best hidden with a concealer that matches your skin color or has a light green cast. Sleeping with your head elevated may help to counteract any liquid buildup around the eyes. Not getting enough sleep also causes fluids to pool under your eyes, making them look puffy.

Salt triggers your body to hold on to water, causing bags and puffiness. Excess salt may trigger retention of water in the body, causing puffiness and undereye circles. This might be bad news for folks with a salty palate, but excessive sodium in the diet may lead to increased fluid retention, and fluid pooling around the eyes may cause dark circles.

Another way that alcohol may contribute to dark undereye circles is because, when consumed more heavily, it can disturb the normal patterns of sleep in your body. Bags and dark circles under the eyes may result from a number of factors, including your age, your diet, sleep habits, even your environment.1 If you are struggling with bags and dark circles, this could be a sign you need to make changes. When someone is stressed or tired, the blood flow in the area may be reduced.

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